Crowd Sourced a Laptop

Dead broke with no laptop to finish my last year of university, I raised enough money to buy myself a MacBook Air by selling the space on my laptop to local businesses as an opportunity to advertise their brands to students. All the logos were laser etched by SureFire Laser Etching.

Raised a Guide Dog

Through the Lion's Dog Guide Foundation, I raised a Black Labrador Retriever for one year to successfully complete his training and become a fully certified dog guide. Emmett went everywhere with me, and although it was difficult to give him up, it warms my heart to know that he's now working with a 10 year old boy and changing his life for the better.

Joined Shopify

When still just an unknown Canadian start-up, I joined a rocketship that was soon to hit a growth trajectory few companies have achieved before. Shopify taught me an incredible amount of professional communication skills and opened up doors I would have never thought I'd have access to at such a young age.

Learned The Retail Business

Flew to Chicago and pitched one of my favorite sneakershops on letting me and my roommate run their online business. All we wanted to do was learn the retail business and instead we were able to help the business expand their online store to match and exceed their brick & mortar sales.

Started My Own Business

After noticing the pains creators go through when trying to sell merch, I decided to partner with my friends (and YouTube superstars) Yes Theory on starting a better solution to make the lives of other creators easier.

Joined a Team of Superstars

Yes Theory needed an official manager and head of business development to help them get to the next level and manage the insane growth they were (and still are) experiencing. Didn't take much convincing, as for the first time in my life I was surrounded by others who thought about the world in the same way I always had.

I Said "Yes" To My Dream

Moved to Venice, California to open my own talent management agency and continue to help Yes Theory as well as other creators achieve their full potentials.

Purpose In The Youth Podcast

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The Waterloo Cord covered the story of how I was able to crowd source enough money to buy myself a laptop by selling real estate on the laptop itself!

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